February 28, 2008

What if God was one of us?

What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home. Like a holy Rolling Stone. Back up to Heaven all alone. Just trying to make his way home. Nobody callin' on the phone, 'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome. Then it makes sense, it all just makes sense. Why the moon is not full all the time. Why the poems dont rhyme. Why Butter may need more than bread. Why Chillies lose their heat and hash is outta head. Why the Shadow proved the sunshine. Why guys need a pick-up line. Why it gets dark again. Why it started to rain. Why I'm forced to lie. And why people die.

P.S. Joan O, Thanks for your question.

February 4, 2008

You know its time to stop..

wearing your blue jeans when it starts to be brown instead.

trying to finish your Harry Potter book when you are walking along a corridor and someone comes along and you look at him and realise it's Voldemort and you wake up with a start and thank goodness it was a dream.

wearing orange, bright bright orange, when your best friend says "aah, my eyes, my eyes! i am blind!"

pulling the blanket on a sleepover when you finally wake up enough to realise that it is half under that big girl from the next room and you'd only injure yourself if you tried any more.

putting so much eye shadow when your friends look at you and say "oh Gawd, how did you hurt your eye??"

spending so much time on the phone when more than half you allowance goes on in.

ordering the same thing at the take-away when the cook starts making the dish as soon as he sees you coming.

buying your next drink when you start thinking that dancing to .. oh gosh, i can't even remember!.. well now you know that was a good time to stop!

blabbering when you see that 'eeeww, gross!' look on someone's face and you realise some things are better left unsaid.

boasting about how strong you are when your brother finally challenges you to an arm-wrestling match and you can't win even after putting all your weight on him. (I have never lived that down!)

going to each and every book fair when you realise that at this rate you'll soon own a whole rack of books... and you have only finished about half of them!

frequenting pizza joints when you suddenly feel hungry during the day and all you can think about is that 'Arabic Chicken' pizza...

sitting in front of the comp at 1:45 in the morning when you hear the words "are you going to sleep or not" (with a silent 'or else') attached to it.

So off I go, to dream about the cute guy I saw last night and the cheesecake I have been yearning ever since dinner was over. Nighty, night....

Must what?

News: Danish PM visits India! Now whats that got to do with me? Nothing, 'cept the roads will be blocked after 9:30 today so I ve to get up early and go to office. Blah! They close the roads, they oughta give a holiday also, right? Anyways, I'm rather enjoying this desperate struggle to stay awake...

What I shouldn't be doing is spend hours on Facebook and doze on the keyboard.

What I should do is take my eyes off the comp.

What I must do is go to sleep.

What I must not do is laugh when i hear the snoring. :P

What I am not doing is letting my roomies sleep.

What I am doing is yaaaaaaawwwwnnnniiinng.

Its much more fun this way :)