September 22, 2008

*I love you, baby* :)

There is this song stuck in my head, but all I know about it is that one of the lines in the chorus is 'I love you baby', and all the rest that I can remember is the really peppy tune.. Don't you just hate it when that happens.. so here I am searching through all the songs with that line in it. And that's when I found 'Ka - dree'.
K3 is a Flemish girl band with a Dutch repertoire, mainly aimed at pre-adolescent children. (LOL! no wonder I loved them!) The name of the group is derived from the names of the three singers: Karen Damen, Kathleen Aerts and Kristel Verbeke. The music is produced by production company Studio 100. The music is written by Miguel Wiels, Alain Vande Putte and Peter Gillis. K3 is founded by Niels William. The band is also known for becoming famous without any airplay from the regular music television channels like MTV, instead using marketing via children and cartoon channels.
Real neat, huh?
well in case you feel like visiting those 'good ol days' when you liked peppy, 'pop'sy songs, take a listen to this
(oh gosh, I get all these from listening to too much radio. Can anyone tell me if that sentence is correct? thanks a lot)

Finally found the song that was stuck in my head! It is one from '10 things I hate about you' - the one sung by Heath Ledger "Can't take my eyes off you"
I love this version better than the original :D

September 21, 2008

Für dich - Die Toten Hosen

Ich habe 'Hier kommt Alex' gehort das erste mal am Frühlingsfest. Und, jetzt, da das OktoberFest ist gekommen, ich verfehle in die Bierzelte zu tanzen.

P.S. Warning: du hast sehr schlest Deutsch gelesen, das weiß ich. Tut mir leid...

September 18, 2008

Grammar Rock Nouns

Was just searching stuff for the rapid fire round of the Dumb Charades we are holding in the office tomorrow and I found this... Loved it so much I couldn't resist putting it up. :) Sun and I were just watching it and I said "oh I so wish we had this when we were in school! I'd have loved it more!" and she said "Well you are so much of a kid, you love it anyways now" Lol! Anyways, check it out!

September 14, 2008

Narcissism / I m bored

01:30 hours in the morning. Roomie sleeping -> so not listening to music. Stumbled more than enough for a day. So what do I do? Aha! Ctrl+T. Type own name. Click on 1st link that comes up. And voila! There I am! But that's no fun. So hmmm what do I do now? click, go, click some more and I reach this site where they generate your fairy name. Type name and this is what I get.
"Your fairy is called Feather Hailshimmer
She is a protector of the lonely.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly."
Wow! she sounds so cool! Obviously I googled her. And it turns out it is not a 'her' but a 'him'. Figures. My name was supposed to be for guys till around the 19th (?) century. Anyways,
Feather Hailshimmer is a pixie (LOL! I love being a pixie) who was born on the 12th of Blee in the woods just north of Dremdesh in the Dwarflands. Some joked that he had a little dwarf blood in his past since he was rather short and muscular for a pixie.
Personally, I'd rather be his grand daughter Silk Catdancer. Goes with one of my nicknames :)

Überraschung here!

I love nice surprises.
I love chocolate.
I love toys.
And I love getting all of them together.
No wonder I'm so crazy about the "ÜberraschungEier".
I heard about it first during our German classes. And the first time I saw it was in the Penny Markt in Flamingoweg. And from then started my love affair! It literally translates to "surprise egg" in English. The size of an egg, coloured in white and orange, this little thing has wormed its way into my heart! Aptly named Kinder Joy, or so Sun says (Kinder refers to children in German).
It has 2 parts. You break it up and there is a half that is a chocolate - white with yummy brown chocolate floating in it. There is a small spoon to eat ti with too. Hmm, thoughtful.. But it is the other half that made me go ga-ga. It is covered with orange cover. So you never know what is in it. It has toys, jigsaw puzzles, you name it! I'd buy it every other time. And in the rare cases when I feel that I must act my age and I don't buy it, B does.
On my return, this was one of the things I missed the most. (other than the Jogurt there! Someone please please bring some for me!). Anyways, I adjusted to it by playing with my cute little toys and with 'Sheridan', my first ever. He's a purple toy, named after the best coffee drink ever :P So imagine my surprise when a month earlier I saw this huge Egg in front of M2S ! I went like "woohoo!".I keep getting lots of it everytime I go shopping in M2S. I got tired of the chocolate though (ok so I lied a bit to myself about that. But its better than mentioning the d**t word). SO now I buy it just for the 'surprise' inside. And to all the people who think this is something for 4-year-olds, well so I'm four! <>


Who'd have even thought people would sit on that?? Not moi for sure!

Like she once said:


September 5, 2008

Why I am down...

For about a week, I have been
And after trying on some of my old clothes, I realised I am
... So i have to keep reminding myself to
or better still, take Dee's advice and