February 7, 2009

Aarambh update

Aarambh was yesterday. It was the most fun I had recently! We reached at 7:30 am at the Kanteerva Stadium and the kids reached by 8. There were about 12 institutions present, with over 350 children and 100+ volunteers. The meet and all related events got over by 5. It was humbling to see the enthusiasm put in by the kids. They do not think of being blind or deaf or whatever as a 'disablilty'. To them it is just a matter of fact thing. And they make the best use of everything they can. Saroja is partially blind and she is studying in the 9th standard and is learning western and classical dance and karate. Harshita is deaf, dumb, blind and mentally challenged, but she still took part in the races. People like them really blow my mind away! I really hope that there are more events like this in the future, and that atleast some of these kids will reach the Special Olympics or the Paralymipcs one day. :)

P.S. Getting sunburnt yesterday was no fun. But it got me from Miss Pink Cheeks to Miss Red Cheeks. Free rouge. Lol!

February 3, 2009

February 2, 2009

Sir Rupert, the gay knight

I saw this really cute video about a boy called Rupert. Who did not like girls....
A sweet story about acceptance...
(from here)
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Seems appropriate to bring this up now that the world has its first openly gay PM,
Johanna Sigurdardottir of Iceland. Not that the people there care about it, which is the best thing there! (story here)

Hope more people over the world concentrate their energies on solving the problems instead of just fighting over religion, or throwing non-natives out (Raj Thackery, change your stance), or beating women up when they go to pubs (shame on the guys who did that in Mangalore), or just talking about it (Davos, stop yapping and do something!)

February 1, 2009

Update / Random jottings


Lots of things been happening recently here. More like new thoughts in my head rather than new events in my life. So here goes a random post.

Last Sunday was like the most peaceful Sunday in a long time. It was also the first time in like months that my whole family was at home. So we celebrated Christmas all over again!:) Dad bought the wine, Ma made stew and buffad and prawns, Mun and I got the cake and ice cream and all of us just sat and talked and laughed and had fun. And in the afternoon, we came to know that my brother's results were announced and that he is now an Engineer! Whee! He's happy, even though he is now in the advertising field. Monday night I sat moping at home because I just did not want to go back to B'lore and work. Oh I miss home! A hard week at work, but one with some rewards...

This week I was listening to the talks at Davos and then someone obviously mentions global warming. You need proof? Here it is:

LOL! (pic from one of the forwards I got)

Anyway, the last weekend I was asked some questions that really made me look hard at the life I am leading. And I decided to make a few more changes. I have to stop being a work junkie and seriously get a life. A new one. I have to grow up and think of things that may be 2 years down the line. Ah ya, if you are an Indian, you'd have got it by now. Yes, the dreaded word... marriage! My parents (read Dad) think that I must be ready to get married by the time I'm say 26 or 27, even though I think it's a tad early. Then Dad get all like "Oh look at your class mates and colleagues! Even the guys are getting married!" da**!

Oh well, leave this topic. Then I thought of what I wanted to do. Somewhere on the top of my list is swimming. Checked out Nisha Millet's site and they have a batch from the 7th of Feb. Cool! But I am volunteering for Aarambh, the sports meet for the specially abled, conducted by Rotary on the 7th. So I called her up and she said that as long as I turn up on the 8th., it's fine. Hmm... one almost down :) [Edit: 8th Feb: Did not go for it. Planning something the coming weekend, and no it's not a romantic Valentine's getaway. That'd make me miss like 1//4th of the classes :( Maybe next time, Nisha Millet]

Then another thing I wanted to go for was a theatre show or something. Checked out the events page and there is a show on Tuesday. Wonder if I'd go for that because that would mean I have to out of work by 6pm, and though they have all the flexi-hours stuff, I feel its not going to happen. Anyway, fingers crossed. As for now, I'm making cake! Screw the diet, I'm gonna have fun. And then chide myself for not exercising enough. But as Micheal Scofield said (oh isn't he cute!), "everyone has their own crosses".

So till later, Ciao.

P.S. If you are interested in volunteering for Aarambh, a sports meet for the specially abled, please come to Kanteerva Stadium @ Jayanagar on the 7th at 9am. The meet will be for about 600 children and about 100 volunteers are needed. The meet ends at 6pm in the evening.