June 9, 2009

Ride with me

Feeling it move under me is the biggest high I have got in recent times :) It is faster, when I want it to be faster, slower when I want to go slow. When I push it, it murmurs approval. It responds to every touch! Ah, bliss!

Had I known driving a car would be so much fun, I’d have tried it eons ago…

Today was the third day of my ‘driving classes’ from Dad. Each lasting close to an hour. I was so elated to be driving that I did not even mind him trying to steer the vehicle in the 1st class and saying ‘Go slow, go slow!’ whenever we approached a car, bike, bump, person, dog.. oh you get the picture! So considering that today, he only did that twice: once when a group of guys did not move off the center of the road and the other when we were at an intersection and vehicles were approaching, I must have done ok. :D

But this is what elated me the most today. We were at Dining, a big hall at the beginning of our ‘village’, when I announced “Ok, let me try a U-turn”. Dad said ‘Ok, do it at the next streetlight’. I reached it and started turning. And then found it so much fun that I decided to complete the circle! What fun! And all Dad said was ‘That was a circle, not a U-turn’. Lol!

But I still have a long way to go (literally) before I get anywhere near ready to hit the traffic in this city. If I thought that people in Bangalore drove badly, Chennai is worse! But I sure am glad it is not Pune, because that is where I saw the worst… (‘Course take this with a pinch of salt as I haven’t travelled much. Yet.)

So here’s to learning to drive, cars and me getting my first one as soon as I repay all my debts. Cheers!