July 8, 2009

Word of mouth

About a month since I last posted... Well B-schools have their own schedules, and so far I've just been 'adjusting' :P I will post some things that happened here, but not now. This post is to share what I found today... About word-of-mouth topics. So here it goes...

Andy wrote this short and sweet article here: (reproduced)

"Your topics are what fuel you word of mouth. A great one isn’t a slogan or a generic brand message — it’s something simple that spreads easily among friends. And remember, if your topic works well in a traditional press release, it’s probably a bad one.

What to look for:

  • Emotional. People share things that make them happy — the funny, surprising, and remarkable elements of products and experiences.
  • Portable. A portable topic is something that can be slapped in a blog post, an e-mail signature, or a T-shirt. If it’s too complicated or needs explaining, nobody will repeat it.
  • Repeatable. If someone has to make an effort to remember what to say, they won’t say anything."