December 18, 2007

Decision Paperweight

When I was a kid, I so wanted to be big.

To me, being big was the best thing that could happen. You could eat what ever you wanted, and more importantly NOT eat what you did not like (bye bye beans, bye bye karela!), go wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted, buy all the cool things you saw in the shops and the best thing was that your parents couldn't scold you now that you are an 'adult' (Oh how I wish this part was at least partly true!) In short, you could make all your decisions. Yippee!

But sometimes, making a decision is so hard. I mean, you have to check out all the possibilities, of which not all may be of equal importance and then consider all of them. And at the last minute you find out there was this one more aspect; phew, sometimes its an energy-draining activity...

So when I found this I fell in love with it immediately!

A 'Decision Paperweight'. A paperweight that spins to help you out with your dilemmas. The ideal gift for people who love procrastinating [:P] Coz now the question "Should I do this?" has more choices than just 'yes' or 'no'. No more breaking your head over all those 'what should i do' questions. This is the ultimate answering machine (pun intended).

This definitely has a place in my "Weird Gifts" list.

P.S. For those who believe this will actually work: Please leave me your contact numbers. My psychiatrist will be happy to make your acquaintance.


"You should learn to say no, my dear"

Daddy used to give me these nuggets of wisdom from the time i was a kid. But it took me quite a while before I realised what he meant to say. Like: Saying "no" doesn't mean you have to use the word "no"; it means setting priorities, and meeting them, and for the ones you have put in your folder called 'no', just mark some "think time" on the calendar and deal with them when you know you can (or when you can't put them off any longer).

So here are others that I finally understood. And some over which I am still mulling.
  • It is easier to come to a common understanding if both sides understand that either has the power to walk away
  • Sometimes a "wrong" only someone else's definition of what I think is "right"
  • Truth and fact are not the same thing. Truth is whatever people *believe* to be fact, whether or not what they believe in really is a fact or not.
  • Sometimes it is better to tell a person why you think there is a problem, rather than to assume they would understand just because they are older.
(I still have to keep drumming this into my head)

Looks to me like the good ol' pearls of wisdom have to come with their own dictionary.

December 14, 2007

Christmas List

Why CRY? - Last minute attempt to be on Santa's "Good" list ;)
The others - To make all the pretty modifications on the cards.
(edit - gave the cards. the decoration did not happen, but I'm sure the ones I gave the cards to, wil treasure it for what I have written :) )

Coz I am an Angel for helping all those kids, and for spreading love and joy... at least to all the people who get my card :)

Wonder if any of this will happen...
Except of course, getting plum cake for Jal, or she'll kill me!
(edit - Johny boy did not have the wine and instead got a liquer-filled chocolate for me. As usual, I didnt believe him. Til I ate it, that is..
Jal loved the cake from Variar's bakery, which btw has awsome milk biscuits too.. they just melt in you mouth!
I showed Mom the steps, but she recognised it from parts of Nach Baliye, so I did'nt have to go through all the steps. Thank goodness!
However, Murali wasn't that easy to get rid of - I ended up 'teaching' him in our park under the floodlights at 8 pm! And he ended up making me double over in laughter by making it looks like a cross between a hip-wiggle and 'i'm-too-macho-to-dance' lol..
And Dad and I finally spent some quality time: he taught me about stocks, I ended up being the one person at home who actually likes hearing about all that, and we bonded a hell lot.
Christmas is be-yoo-ti-ful!)

Thinking about Mom's cake, cutlets and soups.... yummm....
(edit- I agreed to forgo everything else, if Ma made Buffad.. Her speciality. The last time I described its taste, Jose made me promise to bring some over. Sorry, dearie, the temptation to finish it was too hard to resist!)

Very unlikely that I will manage to stick to this condition :(
(edit - I have just progressed to the stage where my Mom is considering putting me on a diet! )

December 13, 2007

From free tee shirts to nifty ads

I hate cleaning up.
Most of the time at least. And looking at that huge pile of clothes on the bed, all I could think of was "Oh no, not again!"

Half-heartedly, I began sorting them, all the while thinking about whether this can be put off till the weekend. And that's when I noticed that crumpled white tee shirt peeking from beneath the jeans. My "I survived the Audi 10.42 project" tee shirt. :)

First thought: "Wow, that car sure does look nice. Wonder how the others are like?" Clutching at that 'excuse', and putting 'arrange the clothes' into my ever growing to-do list, and dumping the whole heap into the cupboard, i got online to check out the other hotties from the Audi stable. I am not a huge car person, but someday I am going to have a real classy one. And of course a sports convertible. In red, of course. Jumping from one image to the other, I went on fantasising about when I would get it and where I would go, yada yada...
If wishes were horses...

Anyway, somewhere between all the drooling and wishing, this ad caught my eye.

That's the first thing that crossed my mind. What is a bar of soap and screws on it doing in a car ad? Audi is characterized by 4 rings which is represented by the 4 screws. Also the screws prevent the soap from slipping off the basin bed which corresponds to some anti skidding thing in the car. That's the explanation i got. Pretty nifty huh? Hey how come they have such cool ads about ESP (electronic stability program) and not many cool posters about airbags?

I remember seeing lots of cool videos, but catchy posters about airbags? Those were definitely fewer. This one here is one of the ads that i like.

I can actually feel the grin on my face getting bigger now. Ah! the sublime joy of seeing something you work on , being put in an ad!

Hey now that I think about it, I really wonder if we would ever have zany ones like the Audi ad above... Maybe. But not in the near future. We still feel like a 'serious' being. I wish we would at least make some weird and abstract pictures about it though. Hmmm, wonder if they will let us have a go at it? ;D

P.S. Till then, drive safe. :)