June 19, 2008

Left Right Left

It started with the “Biggest Brain” contest in Facebook. One bored Tuesday night at around 3 am with nothing to do and only one person online, I clicked on it. The game loads. You ‘estimate’ (yuck I’m sounding like an I.T. professional!), you count, you remember and you order. Played it and found out that my scores were skewed towards the first and the last. I sucked at math and at remembering what was where. No big surprise there! So then Hs comes online and I’m like “yay yay I beat you yay” and we were like discussing what I am good at and what I’m not and he says “Hey you are right brained!”.. and I was like “whaaattt??”. So that’s wen I got to searching out the left and right brain stuff. All the ones italicized are done so by me.. would have been fun to tell yall if its true or not. But that would be like telling the whole wide world who I am. That’s making the game too easy! Lol!

So here is is: *

Right brained :

Right brains don't like to listen to directions and don't like to read them. Reading directions carefully is a detailed activity for the left-brain.

They don't memorize well and need to visualize a picture so they can recall the facts. They may have bizarre images in night dreams leaving them confused as to what they mean.

When right brains talk to you, they look at you while listening and look away to the left when answering a question. This is a brain shift from one side to another. This is not a sign of fabrication. They are listening with one side and now switch over for the response. They are not creating an answer in an attempt to deceive. (Hmm.. how do I convince people that I’m right brained when I have to lie? :D )

But this was the ulimate:

Word Association

On a spelling test, a right brain hears the word "dog." Their mind wanders to the thought of the neighbor's dog which barked most of the night, that reminds them of the fact that the neighbors are in the Bahamas, which takes them to an island with palm trees and sandy beaches, which reminds them that they need a bathing suit for this weekend, which reminds them that they will need to take spending money... Teacher says, "Word #7 is house." Student raises hand and asks what word #6 was. They've checked out for a while.

I read that and I’m like “OMG! C’est moi!!” Freaky…

Right brains don't explain what they feel well and are misunderstood. They think of one thing, say another because their brain has already moved on to another thought. (That will explain my omcept of ‘headings’ and ‘paragraphs’, right Bt?). They also don't like to follow rules which don't make sense to them. (Wat say, Viv?)

Right brains are non-judgmental and often have no opinion on many topics. They can see both sides and are often seen as wishy washy or lacking values. They see the whole person and are less likely to condemn a person because of a flaw. (No comments.)

(Now this is a tough cookie:) Rights are trusting--too trusting. They easily have patents and ideas stolen from them, usually to a left. Lefts know how to use an idea. They just can't come up with them on their own.

They believe that everything is possible, tend to be very creative, and don't see the pitfalls along the way. (This, I think, depend on the situation)

Left Brained:

Left brains are seen as "smarter". They do things in the "proper" order and feel there is a proper order. (Is this for one activity, or is it like when there are so many going about?)

These subject areas have "sequential rules" and they respond to this.

They are sensitive to flaws of self and others almost to the point of not being able to accept a person because of their flaws. (Hmmm.. scary.. but kinda like explains some of the behaviours I see.)

Lefts are skeptical of anything new. They defend the familiar and ordinary.

They don't usually talk in excess. Why say a paragraph when three words will do?

And here’s the freaky section for the ‘lefties’

Word Association

On a spelling test, the left hears the word "dog." They quickly write d-o-g and wait for the next word. Usually, without doodling or looking around the room. Focusing is usually not a problem.

(Again, depends on the context.;)

Once an idea has been mentioned, a left may be able to use the information and actually make the plan work. However, without the right brain, they would have never created it.

It is obvious that lefts and rights need to team up and work together. One side completes the other.

Reading all this, I’d love to be a right brained person. But put it across like the one below, and I wonder:



  • Responds to verbal instructions
  • Problem solves by logically and sequentially looking at the parts of things
  • Looks at differences
  • Is planned and structured
  • Prefers established, certain information
  • Prefers talking and writing
  • Prefers multiple choice tests
  • Controls feelings
  • Prefers ranked authority structures



  • Responds to demonstrated instructions
  • Problem solves with hunches, looking for patterns and configurations
  • Looks at similarities
  • Is fluid and spontaneous
  • Prefers elusive, uncertain information
  • Prefers drawing and manipulating objects
  • Prefers open ended questions
  • Free with feelings
  • Prefers collegial authority structures

* got all this info from the right brain chars. and left brain chars.

Thank goodness on person uses just one side! :D

June 15, 2008

Lass Redn / Let the people talk

Lass die Leute reden und hör ihnen nicht zu
Die meisten Leute haben ja nichts Besseres zu tun
Lass die Leute reden, bei Tag und auch bei Nacht
Lass die Leute reden - das haben die immer schon gemacht

- Die Ärzte

Something to get you by when you hear what you were not meant to...