September 8, 2009

Breast Implants, anyone?

So you are a psychopath...

You stalk your suspect for ages, you lie in wait in the shadows, you plot your moves.

The long anticipated time arrives and you close in on your prey.
*stab stab stab*

The deed is done. You clear the evidence. Remove the teeth (dental records you said?), chop off the fingers (fingerprints?? "ha ha") and pat yourself on your back for a job well done.

Few days later:
"You are under arrest for the murder of xyz. Anything you say can and will be used against you"

-Whaaattt?? How?? When??
-Ha ha, loser, you left vital clues for the police to find the identity of the victim and trace it back to you.
-Bbut, but, how did you find whose body it was??
-You think you are smart, but you are not that smart! You may have done everything, but you left the breasts.
-Yep. We traced the body from the seriel numbers on the implants of the victim.
*sound of jail door slamming shut*

Adapted from a true incident

Seems a boob job helps even after you die.



zewt said...

truly bizarre...

so are you going to get one to prevent a homicide? :P

Addicted to the Disturbed State said...

Lol! No way! They'd identify me from the telepathic messages I use to summon the police *before* the deed is done. jk..

Raghav said...

did not help carmen electra inscary movie 1 too much tho :)

Parinit said...

guess u just got a reason to get one done ;)

Addicted to the Disturbed State said...

Ah, guess I'll just use my super powers instead :D